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For the love of bargains. I am a lover of travel and quite open to the fact that it is quite an expensive venture. 3 years ago I was planning my family summer holiday and as I had left it a bit late decided on a short haul trip to Barcelona.

I had a budget of £2,500 for the 2+2 club (2 Adults, 2 kids)

I went for British airways as I didn't fancy slumming it on easy jet in the height of the school holidays, played with the dates and found tickets for just under £320. Then unto the hotels, I had a brief of somewhere by the beach not less than 4 star, great reviews and on a BB basis. And then I found it, a lovely beautiful hotel, part of the Sheraton group which ticked all the boxes. It was in a wonderful location and close to the beach.

I paused and wondered how close because I didn't want to get there and find out that it was a bus ride away or a long walk either. I found myself going on google maps to check out the hotel and the walking distance to the beach. Whilst checking it out I saw another hotel quite closer to the beach and on zooming in, saw it was a Travelodge. Never knew there was a Travelodge in Barcelona, so I went on their website and to my surprise found that as it was a new Travelodge they were offering rooms for £18 per night.

I can hear you say what about your brief, but at £108 for 6 nights and a kids eat free breakfast with a paying adult in a brand new hotel you could say I threw the brief straight out the window. I quickly reserved the room as it was a pay at the hotel option. I was so super excited as it meant I had a holiday for bang on £500. Here at Travel Conzult, we will work with your brief, share ideas with you and if you have to throw away the brief why not because when you get super excited so do we. So whether your holiday costs £500 or £50,000, your satisfaction is our priority.

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