Planning a perfect Destination party

This is all the rave now. Its gone viral, you get a whats-app or an email inviting you to a party abroad or out-of-town. Your first reaction is to balk at the thought of paying to attend a party. Just relax and let me take you through why you should not only say yes but actively plan your next party abroad.


Yes, you read that right a destination party is one way to have a cheap holiday. A well planned destination party gets you group discount to hotel rates, activities and food bills.


When travelling yourself, you have your default mode of doing things but going on an holiday planned by someone else opens you up to new experiences.

Imagine a four-day beach party with a different activity every day, and the week culminating with a fireworks display and three-tier birthday cake. Or an intimate gathering of your favourite couples, touring Dubai - the jewel of the Mediterranean on a private Yacht trip whilst dining on a seven course meal and toasting your wedding anniversary with a Dom Pérignon Whether you are having the big "0" birthdays, reunions or anniversary combining a party and a holiday allows you to spend more celebratory time with a select few and makes you feel extra special for longer. Now you have bought the idea but all the planning terrifies you, fear not. You could use the services of a Travel consultant who specialises in destination parties or have a go yourself with the tips below:


How to Plan the perfect Destination Celebration Firstly, you need to decide if you need a professional. That is an added cost I can hear you say but remember not only do they take the stress of you and provide invaluable organisation and planning skills but they have access to local knowledge and can get you very good deals. You can ask friends and family for recommendations or use Google but make sure to check out the company's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 1. Create your own planning team - the key here is to keep it small and find one local person in your chosen destination as your eyes and hear on ground. 2. Give guests plenty of notice Send “save the date” announcements and an estimate budget as soon as you have a date and place — ideally months in advance — even if you’re unsure of exact details. This gives people a chance to save towards your event and gives you a number for likely guests to work with 3. Pick the location wisely! It may be your party, but it’s also their holiday. Choose somewhere with accommodation to suit various budgets and with activities for them to choose from or better still stay together as a group and negotiate a better deal. Other things to consider are weather, a suitable time to allow full participation, ease of travel to the location, and affordable airfares.

4. Decide what the theme of your party is, a spa getaway, jet setting dinner party, beachcomber, intimate settings, shopaholic, the list is endless.

5. Have a budget and prioritise costs by deciding what's critical to making your celebration a success and spend accordingly. Opt to pay for some of your guests activities. 6. Now to make it even more magical, add an unexpected element Whether it’s an unannounced guest (maybe a childhood best friend or a far away relative), a unique gift or a celebrity performer, having an element of surprise makes a party all the more memorable. Lastly, use social media to give guests a place to put comments and photos. (You could create a special Facebook or Instagram hashtag just for the party.) This way the celebration and memories can last long after the last guest boards a flight home.

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