Tips on Travelling light

With more and more airlines copying the likes of Easyjet and Ryan air policies of charging for carry on luggage, It is now important to travel light. Travelling light gives you extra freedom and flexibility that you just don’t have with heavy luggage. You can move quickly through airports and train stations and it’s so much easier to take public transport with a small bag. You’ll save money by not having to check your bags in on a plane and you can keep your

luggage close when you’re on trains and buses. You’re also less likely to lose things when you travel light because it’s easier to keep track of your belongings.


Top Ten tips on travelling light

1. Use a small, lightweight case

Use a small suitcase or backpack so you can’t possibly fit too much in it. Don’t be tempted to use a case that’s bigger than what you need because you will fill that space with unnecessary stuff. Be sure to check the dimensions fit the requirements of the airline you are proposing to use.

2. Take an iPad/tablet

Cut down on paper tickets, books, magazines, a laptop, games, notepads, music, maps and travel guides and simply pack a tablet. My hand luggage used to be packed full with all sorts of entertainment options but now I just have my tablet and it’s made travelling so much easier.

Consider buying a power bank if you’re planning on taking long journeys. I have one that isn’t much bigger than a lipstick but it will charge my tablet for about 5 hours. It’s a good backup for emergencies too – like if you’ve got your hotel confirmation email stored on your tablet and the battery has died!

3. Pack 2 pairs of shoes

Shoes tend to take up space in our bags so never travel with more than 2 pairs. Wear your bulkiest pair on the plane and an easy to carry pair in your bag.

Nothing beats a light pair of Converse for the day and an easy kitten heel for the evenings.

4. 1 pair of trousers/jeans

Jeans or trousers are another bulky item to travel with so never travel with more than one pair and you should always wear these on the plane.

I usually opt for fitted jeans. They’re stylish and comfortable but they’re easy to dress up for the evenings too. I have them in a few different colours but black is the best for travel because they’ll match everything and no one really notices them, so you can get away with wearing the same jeans for days (don’t judge).

5. Less Toiletries

You usually get toiletries at the hotel so leave these at home. This means that most guys can get away with nothing more than a travel sized deodorant and toothpaste.

Most ladies will find it a little more difficult because there are some toiletries you just can’t leave home without.

Look out for hardworking products that do a few different jobs. Baby oil is great for removing waterproof mascara and is also really moisturising. Opt for 2-in-1 products and choose makeup which is compact.

6. Pack simple clothes and lots of accessories

Jeans and white t-shirts. It’s such a simple, easy style and so easy to pull off while you’re travelling. I’m really tempted to pack a bag full of white t-shirts next time I go away.

Team your jeans with flip flops, Converse, winter boots or heels. Then team your t-shirt with a blazer, a cardigan, a sweet jumper or a big scarf and you’ve got outfits for any situation without having to pack too much. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

7. Wash your clothes while you’re away

Fancy hotels in certain cities will charge a fortune to wash your clothes so look out for launderettes or, cheaper still, wash your clothes in your hotel bathroom. Long stay hotels with washing machines will become your best friend if you’re travelling for a few weeks or more.

If you’re travelling to a developing country, you can get your clothes washed for next to nothing but be aware that if you’re paying £0.50 for a load of washing, you don’t want to be giving them your expensive designer clothes.

8. Use packing cubes

I love packing cubes. They help keep your bag organised and ensure you make the most of your space and stop you over packing. I tend to travel with four packing cubes. One for tops, one for bottoms, one for underwear and one for evening clothes. Once each packing cube is full you’re forced into packing light whether you like it or not.

Top Tip: The rectangular packing cubes are much easier to use rather than the stuff sacks.

9. Use a bag or case that opens fully

I don’t recommend using a top-loading backpack. This means smaller items slip to the bottom and are forgotten. Use a bag that opens all the way and you have access to everything. The trick here is to ensure that you fully utilise the available space without squashing things up.

10. Remember: you can buy everything out there!

Finally, no matter where you’re travelling, you’ll always be able to find the necessities. You might not find your favourite brand of shampoo but you will find something very similar.

If you’re going somewhere where you think you’ll need specialist equipment, wait until you get there to buy it. You’re definitely not the first traveller to visit and you won’t obviously be the last so you can guarantee you’ll find local shops selling everything you need.

Do you have any more travel hacks to help you pack light? Comment below and share your tips

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